Rural Women's Support Program


Rural Women’s Support Program

The Rural Women’s Support Program provides services to women and their children living in Wellington County who have been or are in an abusive relationship, or have experienced childhood sexual abuse/incest, recent or past sexual assault, harassment and/or stalking.

Offers support and information so you can make your own choices about safety for you and your children. All services are free and interpreters can be arranged when necessary. If you are unable to come to one of our offices we can arrange transportation, we can talk over the phone or we can meet somewhere else, outside your home.

  • individual / group counselling and support
  • accompaniment to hospital / police / court
  • advocacy / court preparation / community referrals
  • assistance with criminal injury compensation / victim impact statements 
  • sexual harassment support / accompaniment
  • information on sexual assault / sexual harassment / childhood sexual abuse / incest / stalking 
  • information on legal / medical procedures and options
  • client workshops on selected topics 
  • support for family / friends of sexually violated survivors
  • public education / training / information sessions available on request
  • client library and resource materials


Women 18 years and older (and their children) who are physically, emotionally, financially, or sexually abused

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