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Community Addiction Services (CADS) is continuing to support people in our community, however these are telephone and video appointments only.

Anyone looking for support can be referred to CADS through Here 24/7 or by their doctor.

Addiction care for our community

Homewood’s Community Addiction Services (CADS) provides outpatient addiction treatment for residents in our local community coping with the devastating effects of alcohol, drug, and gambling issues. Our experienced clinical team quickly identifies addiction problems early through assessment and develops an appropriate treatment plan. We collaborate with other local resources to ensure you receive quality care.

Problem Gambling Services

CADS provides assessment, outpatient treatment, and referral to community resources for people coping with problem gambling behaviours. In addition, the CADS clinical team has specialized training to deliver treatment for video-gaming/internet problematic behaviours. For access to the Problem Gambling Services, call 519.836.5733, extension 2396.

Additional Offerings

In addition to assessment and referral to other community programs, CADS provides:

Counselling and Treatment

  • We offer both individual and group counseling focused on a brief intervention that provides guidance and referral to the most appropriate services.

Family Services

  • Addiction affects every family member. Our family program delivers education, support, and discussion with people who are going through the same issues. Individual counselling is also available for family members. For access to this service, call 519.836.5733, extension 2396.

Relapse Prevention

  • We help people who have been through treatment to stay sober, or to recover from a relapse through experienced counsellors.

Youth Services

  • Our team provides counselling and treatment through out-reach services at all local high schools. Youth workers liaise with other youth service providers. For access to this service, call 519.836.5733, extension 2396.

Health Promotion

  • CADS is also available to provide educational material or presentations to the community regarding alcohol, drug, or gambling abuse.

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