WES for Youth Online

4 Park St, Walkerton, Ontario.

We provide an ongoing one- to- one connection with a professional counsellor. If you are in a crisis, please call your local crisis line or Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868 .
Our online counselling service allows youth to connect with a professional and qualified counsellor by self referral, to explore the issues that you’re facing in a secure and online environment. We offer two methods of communication within the secure portal:

  • Email to email 
  • Live chat (an appointment to chat with your counsellor is scheduled in the portal) 

No issue is too small or unimportant to talk about with our counsellors – if it’s affecting you and you’d like to share it with someone who understands, then online counselling could be for you.

WES For Youth Online Provides:

  • Free online counselling for youth ages 13 - 24: through the generosity of our donors, community and corporate partners, we are able to provide counselling at no cost for Ontario youth. WES for Youth Online compensates our counselling team at a rate of approximately $100/hour in comparison to the standard average rate of $225/hour for traditional counselling methods

  • Service in a timely manner to youth by self referral: youth do not require a doctor’s referral to register and can use our service anywhere there is computer and internet access. We are working diligently to improve the mobile speed of our platform in the coming months

  • A one-on-one connection where youth can receive support away from the eyes and opinions of others via our safe, secure and confidential platform: youth have hesitated to seek traditional face-to-face counselling in fear that they may appear weak, laughed at, judged inadequate or unacceptable to those around them. By using an online form of communication, we are meeting youth in away that they are comfortable and most familiar with

  • Programming that mobilizes youth to be advocates for their own mental wellness needs and those of their peers: the WES Crew and WES Links program were created with the belief that putting youth at the forefront of our service enables them to effectively instill the changes they want to see in their communities

The Process:

  • Visit www.wesforyouthonline.ca
  • Register online via an encrypted, secure portal
  • Complete approximately 6 screens of brief questions
  • Within 24 to 48 hours you are connected with one of our five professional counsellors, using a choice of two methods of communication:
  1. Asynchronous (email to email within the portal)
  2. Live chat function (an appointment is scheduled within the portal)
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