Healing Little Hearts - Bereaved Families of Ontario (Midwestern Region)

Healing Little Hearts (For Children Ages 4-12) 6 Week Program

Healing Little Hearts focuses on helping children understand and cope with feelings of loss when they have experienced the death of someone in their life. The group offers a safe and supportive environment in which grieving children can share their experiences of death and grief with their peers, developing their capacities to care for themselves and one another.

Children will:

  • Learn to recognize and name a wide range of feelings and practice healthy ways of expressing a range of emotions
  • Gain comfort sharing memories about the person who died
  • Develop a sense of community among understanding, grieving peers

Children participate in one of two streams and are grouped age appropriately. The Children’s Programs are facilitated by professional therapists and complemented by 1-2 volunteers who provide support.

A concurrent group is run along side the children’s group for parents and caregivers to help them understand how children mourn and how to assist children in expressing their feelings of loss. This group is facilitated by peer facilitators.

Registration Information:

If you would like to register for this group, please fill out the registration form and click send. Your information will remain confidential. If you have any additional questions about this group, please email support@bfomidwest.org or call the office at 519-603-0196.

There is currently a wait list for our Spring 2021 group.  Please register below to add your name to the list.

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