Palmerston Youth Hub

Minto Mental Health is a proud partner of the Integrated Youth Services Network (IYSN).

The Integrated Youth Services Network (IYSN) is a collaborative project, with the aim of providing youth ages 12-26 with the support they need, when they need it. The goal of the IYSN is to have 7 centres, 1 door. This is a new model in youth centred services and resources. The IYSN will include 7 locations but will feature the benefit of “one door” meaning that youth will only tell their story once. This is made possible through an interconnected online system.

Youth centres will be accessible to all.

At each site, our youth will be given access to programs and services that provide guidance and support for the future. From education and career support, to counselling and peer-to-peer programs, our facilities will provide help and encouragement to every youth in the community.

Sites will be able to assess the needs of youth and technology will be used so that access to the right services is available no matter where they are. Virtual counselling will be available when professionals are off-site, eliminating wait times for programs and support.

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