Community Addiction Services (CADS) - Homewood Health Centre

CADS provides outpatient addiction counselling for individuals and families who are concerned with substance abuse/misuse/addiction issues. Whether you are worried about an alcohol, substance use, overuse of technology, gaming, and/or gambling issue, we can help.  Our free and confidential services   are tailored to meet your individual treatment needs.


Problem Gambling Services

CADS provides assessment, outpatient treatment, and referral to community resources for people coping with problem gambling behaviours. In addition, the CADS clinical team has specialized training to deliver treatment for video-gaming/internet problematic behaviours. For access to the Problem Gambling Services, call 519-836-5733, ext. 32396

Additional Offerings

In addition to assessment and referral to other community programs, CADS provides:

Substance Use Services
Individual counselling sessions (assessment, referral, harm reduction, motivational interviewing)

  • Group sessions focused on various stages of change.
  • Services for older adults (individual counselling and Copa College, an eight-week support and education group for clients 55 years of age and older)
  • Counselling services for University of Guelph students (offered through Student Health Services)

Family Services

  • Individual counselling sessions (assessment, referral)
  • Group Session: Substance Abuse Family Support Group
  • Group Session: Gambling, Gaming, Internet Family Support Group
  • Family Education Day

Youth Services

  • Individual counselling (assessment, referral)
  • Consultation
  • Health Promotion
  • Educational presentations


Substance Use Services
Contact HERE 24/7 at 1-844-437-3247

Gambling, Gaming and Overuse of Technology Services
In Guelph, call 519-836-5733, ext. 32396

Family Services
In Guelph, call 519-836-5733, ext. 32396

Youth Services
In Guelph, call 519-836-5733, ext. 32396

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