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At The Nightingale Centre, supporting families that are grieving the death or expected death of a parent or siblings is the core of our mission.

Children who are bereaving are in a very vulnerable state, and having the right support during the grieving process is essential to helping them understand their feelings.

The Nightingale Family Bereavement Program provides service to families with children, ages 6-12, who have lost a parent through death. The parents receive grief support and psychoeducation about how they can help their children grieve with Dr. Laura Brown, a registered psychologist trained in children’s grief and bereavement. Concurrently, the children participate in activities designed to help them identify feelings of grief, learn coping strategies, and build resilience with Nicky Seligman, a trained children’s grief counsellor, and 3 trained volunteers.

Who We Support

  • Teenagers, ages 13 – 19, who have lost a parent or sibling through death


  • Age-appropriate discussions and activities related to their experiences of death in their family
  • Identify feelings and coping strategies to build resilience, and develop identity within this new reality


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