Children’s Mental Health, 0-6 yrs - CMHA Waterloo Wellington

The goal of the Children’s Mental Health, 0-6 Program is to support
families of children age birth to five to enhance their nurturing
relationship. Nurturing relationships enable both the caregiver and child to feel secure, valued, understood and successful within the context of family and community.


What We Do: 

We provide the following:

  • Mental health assesment
  • Service coordination
  • Consultation, education and capacity building services
  • Direct Therapy and support; and
  • Parenting services (including psycho-educational groups)

We provide caregivers and families with the necessary skills,
resources and tools to support nurturing relationships, the healthy
social/ emotional development of the child and feelings of success and

We support caregiver/ family strengths, cultural values and beliefs.

We build awareness of the critical importance of 0-6 years.

We identify early signs of emotional and behavioural concerns.

We promote successful partnerships among family, caregivers and
community support systems.

We advocate for policy and best practices that support the most
positive outcome for the child and family.

Who We Serve:

The children we serve live in Guelph or Wellington County and range from birth to five years. The children and families we support experience specific mental health concerns, including:

  • Traumatic events
  • Affect disorders (grief, anxiety, depression)
  • Adjustment reactions
  • Regulatory disorders (i.e. emotional regulation and sensory processing)
  • Sleeping and eating problems
  • Caregiver/child relationship challenges
  • Attachment difficulties

To Register: 

Call Here4Kids: 1-844-4KIDS-11 (454-3711)

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