Employment Assistance (Youth/Students) - 2nd Chance Employment

Services For Youth

2nd Chance Can Help You:

  • get that first job,
  • get past jobs that have gone wrong, or
  • decide what career is right for you


Programs Available: 

  • WOMEN2WORK (a supportive paid training and job placement program for women and identifying women)
  • Ways 2 Work (a 16 week program designed to assist youth develop the essential skills needed to maintain employment and be successful in today's labor market) 
  • Youth Job Connection (program includes 60 hours of pair pre-employment training over one month and a paid job placement up to 6 months)
  • ACE For Students (the achieving competitive employment program helps individuals with disabilities get and keep jobs. The aim is to provide resources to identify, develop and utilize employable skills and abilities) 


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