Seniors Mental Health - CMHA WW

This is an assessment and treatment program for seniors living in the community who are experiencing mental health concerns which may include: depression, mood changes, dementia and/or anxiety. The service is focussed on you as an individual and your family. The team provides a comprehensive geriatric assessment that will include a medical and mental health history and screening. The care plan is developed and implemented with you and your support network including your primary care physician.

We offer service in Guelph and Wellington County. The mental health team provides outreach services which include visits in your home. We have offices in Guelph, Fergus, and Mount Forest. The specialists who are a part of the team include geriatric psychiatry and geriatric medicine. The specialist appointments maybe offered in your family doctor’s office and/or the specialist’s office. The senior’s mental health team is integrated within the Specialized Geriatric Service.


Referral Information: 

To receive services please have your family doctor send the referral form to: 1-888-205-1491

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