Here 4 Hope

Here4Hope is the Wellington community based life promotion suicide prevention project. The vision for the project is that Wellington is a community where suicide is prevented and everyone lives with hope and resilience.

Everyone has a role to play in preventing suicide and the goal of Here4Hope is to engage as many individuals and organizations as possible in this important work. The World Health Organization supports this whole community model and countries worldwide including the UK, Ireland, and Australia are adopting this approach.

The Here4Hope framework identifies all the potential evidence based activities that can contribute to life promotion and suicide prevention. There is a role for formal supports, for community agencies/associations/employers and for individuals to contribute to the work. This website will provide ideas, resources and updates to local work to inspire participation and engagement.

The Support After Suicide team receives referrals from Victim Services and directly from the OPP.

Here 24/7 also refers callers to us.

Any resident of rural Wellington County who needs support after a suicide loss can contact the team directly


Phone: 1-844-264-2993 ext. 7951

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1-844-264-2993 Ext. 7951
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